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New slurry tanker manufacturer becomes a reality in Denmark

Votech is the name of a new Danish slurry tanker manufacturer for elite professional companies and agricultural service supply agencies. In Votech, the elite professional agricultural companies and service supply agencies will find an interesting and innovative partner, one that can supply slurry tankers of exceptionally high quality to demanding and discerning users of professional slurry equipment. 

The slurry tankers, which will be grey, will be assembled on the island of Mors in northwest Jutland and will be seen in the fields of Denmark as early as the spring of 2021. ‘We can see a market for Votech, where we will be able to offer a slurry tanker as no-one else can,’ says coowner Per Larsen. He, along with Lars Nygaard and Thomas Boll, are the masterminds behind Votech. All three are professionals in the industry, with wide experience in both the manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery, not only in Denmark but abroad, too. This will be a genuine slurry tanker from northwest Jutland, with all welding work performed on the island of Mors in the Limfjord. The slurry tanker will be the product of a range of subcontractors, each specialists within their areas, and it will all therefore come together in the assembly process, which Votech itself will take care of.​

Development based on the market

Thomas Boll is a draughtsman and the man behind the technical solutions for the Votech slurry tankers. ‘We started with a blank sheet of paper,’ Thomas Boll explains, ‘and we’ve developed an entirely new slurry tanker using unique solutions that we’re very much looking forward to presenting.’ Lars Nygaard adds that they listened to the market and, based on those considerations, developed a slurry tanker aimed at elite professional users. ‘We look at each individual customer and come up with a solution that covers their particular needs. 

This means that we don’t have a product programme with fixed sizes for slurry tankers. Instead, we have a product programme of fixed subcomponents and module structures that provide both streamlined production and bespoke solutions for our customers,’ says Lars Nygaard. Initially, the focus will be exclusively on the tankers, as there is no wish to begin producing tools for the slurry tankers. ‘It’s important to maintain our focus – particularly at the start of this kind of process – and we’re choosing solely to focus 100 per cent on the slurry tanker and to develop it into a unique product on the market,’ Lars Nygaard explains.

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